What Are Your Thoughts About Internet Marketing?

First, we need to recognize that Internet Marketing is simply a way to do business with other people who know, like and trust us. No matter how we do business, ONline as well as OFFline, business is primarily about making good relationships.

Everyone seems to be wondering about Internet Marketing and what it really means to most people in America. Is it the same as what folks do when telling friends about a new product or service by phone? Is everyone telling their friends about finding the greatest product and riches beyond measure, trying to build a “downline” for example.

We agree, it is confusing to most of us. The more we hear about internet marketing the more confusing it becomes. Why is that? Everyone tries to explain the details when they have no clue what it’s about. At least we do agree on a few things.

Maybe we can agree that Internet Marketing usually involves a website with what’s referred to as a “squeeze” page where the IM is trying to entice visitors to sign up with their name and email address. Usually, a free gift is given away to everyone who signs up then we begin using email for follow up messages.

Actually, it’s not necessary that you have a website but it does seem standard fare and the normal procedure for most folks who hang out the Internet marketing shingle. You can make that decision later but we like the email connection with the subscribers.

Unfortunately, some people sign up, leave their name and email address, then almost immediately forget they gave the connection until an email message shows up in their inbox. Immediately, they holler SPAM without being fair to the sender.

Most autoresponder systems, like Aweber, Contact and others require confirmation before subscribers begin receiving any messages. Even with this extra step there are still complaints because people forget they signed up. No system is perfect even when extra steps are added trying to avoid email message problems or complaints.

Automation is helpful to the Internet Marketer today because every email message gives the recipient a one click unsubscribe button. It’s that easy to remove yourself from any list which should eliminate any complaints from subscribers.

It’s very important that you mail to people who are interested in your products or the messages that you share or they will quickly leave, unsubscribe, without a thought or they are simply tired or have lost interest in your focus.

Actually, you’re better off as an Internet Marketer when people do unsubscribe once they no longer have any interest in your “stuff” or what you have to say. Harley riders do not last forever, horse lovers change, singers get too old, etc.

Another extension of your Internet Marketing reach will connect you with social media, your Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn, wherever people are on the planet is where you’ll find the Internet Marketer.

Building your subscriber list is great and a priority goal for the Internet Marketer with an ultimate business plan. However, never let urgency or trying to push the process annoy or anger others. You want to build a relationship of know, like and trust with all of your subscribers for long term success in your business.

Source by Don Monteith

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