The Forex Market -The Freemasons

The Forex Market-What could possibly be the relation between freemasons and the Forex Market? Am I pushing it too much? Well… judge for yourself. Here are some basic principles, among others, on which freemasons base their ideology. Let’s see if it applies to the Forex Market…

The Forex Market

1. The Forex Market-Know

In the masonic world, this concept makes reference to the idea that knowledge is a never-ending process. We should be always learning, questioning, and expanding our horizons.

In the Forex Market, it means you should always be prepared. Know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Not to mention that learning in your trading career is also a permanent journey. If you think you know it all you are in for big trouble.

2.The Forex Market- Dare

Knowledge means nothing unless it has its practical application in life. You could have the best Forex system of all time but if you lack the courage to use it; it’s worthless.

The Forex Market-The main quality most rich people have in common unless they are crooks, is they do things; they are go-getters. Think of this: you are in a bar and you look at a beautiful girl you want to meet. What are your chances of meeting her if you go and talk to her? And if you don’t go? I bet your numbers would improve dramatically if you went and talk to her.

3.The Forex Market- Keep Silent

For the freemasons being silent has two meanings. The first one makes reference to the virtue of silence as a tool for self-knowledge. The second significance is the need to keep private matters private, to not discuss things with the general public.

The Forex Market-During your Forex Market career, you are going to have ups and downs and definitely, self-knowledge could be a good tool in times of trouble. Sit in silence and try to analyze yourself. What are your weaknesses? what are your strengths? Learn to know yourself and the world is yours for the taking.

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Anyone with the determination and the right information can learn how to trade the Forex Market. You could use it to complement your salary or as your main source of income. Do you think Freemasons could be good Forex traders? At least I hope I entertained you with this work!!!

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