SEO-Friendly Tools and Their Benefits

SEO-Friendly Tool is a technical process that helps to get higher page rank for a website. There are many different software designed specifically to assist in SEO called SEO tools. Some are provided by search engines like Google and Yahoo! and some are created by other companies. A lot of software is available free of cost while some have to be bought for a fee. Based on their function, the primary SEO tools have been categorized below:




Web Analytics SEOTools:

Web analytics helps you to measure your website’s performance. They let you track the number of visitors to the site, the number of times each page was viewed, which landing pages lead to higher conversions, which are the keywords that sent you the most traffic, and which external links are sending traffic to your site. This data will allow you to track the profitable areas of your website and the areas that need improvement.

Some popular web analytics tools are:

a) Google Analytics is a free but powerful tool that gives you data on all the above-said points. It allows you to integrate Google AdWords to track the conversion rate of each keyword.

b) Advanced Web Statistics (AWStats) and Webalizer – both are good for basic data analysis and are available by default on some servers.

d) Clicky and Mint- both are inexpensive tools similar to Google analytics.

f) Click – is relatively expensive and can be downloaded or hosted. It offers superior analysis and is very easy to use; even for non- techies.

Keyword Research Tools: (SEO-Friendly )

These provide you the keywords that are more likely to be typed in by an internet user when browsing the net. Some of them are:

a) Google AdWords Keywords Suggestion Tool gives a list of useful keywords appropriate for your niche.

b) Google Suggest Tool for key phrases.

c) Word tracker Keyword Question shows you the likely questions asked containing your keyword.

Competitive Research Tools:(SEO-Friendly )

Knowing your competitors’ strategies for promoting their website can give you valuable insight into the SEO of your own site. Some competitor analysis tools are:

a) Search Analytics shows the keywords that send the most traffic to competing sites.

b) Keyword Spy shows the keywords that competitors are buying.

c) SEO Digger shows you keywords and search positions against a domain name.

d) SEMRush shows you which keywords send traffic to a particular domain, list of top ten sites using those keywords.

e)SEO-friendly- IndexRank compares the ranking of your site with your competitors on Google.

PPC Tools:(SEO-Friendly )

Help you analyze your Pay Per Click advertising budget. You can analyze dynamically how much to bid for which keywords.

a) Google Traffic Estimator gives an estimate of the number of ad clicks and bid prices for Google AdWords.

b) CPC ROI Calculator and CPM ROAS Calculator show you how much you should pay for an ad.

c) Click tracks Bid Optimizer

d) Google Conversion Optimizer helps you increase your profits by maximizing your CPA (cost per acquisition) hence ROI.

Link Analysis tools:

Link building is essential for SEO-Friendly of any website. There are tools to tell you if they are inward or outbound links, good sites to get links from, and sources of your competitors’ links.

a) Back Link Analyzer lets you analyze link anchor text and know the sources of competitors’ backlinks.

b) Link Harvester tells you the sites with multiple links to your website, total pages indexed, and the number of C block IP address.

c) Google Webmaster Central for an overall view of your links shows you any breaks in the link chain and gives you access to Google site maps.

d) Xenu Link Sleuth tracks broken links.

Search Engine Rankings Checker:

SEO-friendly-Lets you track your rankings on the search engine pages and see the progress. It lets you see your rank on multiple keywords. These tools save you a lot of time from checking each keyword individually by manual input.

a) Advanced Web Ranking

b) Rank Tracker

SEO-friendly-For those who find the many tools of SEO-Friendly mind-boggling, you can easily engage an SEO service provider like which offers optimization services like manual directory submission and other directory submission services like article submission, search engine submission, etc.


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