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keywords -We’re a US-based agency of 23 people with a dedicated team of specialists that do nothing but SEO all day. Our clients range from small businesses to large, multi-national corporations and we complete hundreds of projects each year.



For a more in-depth overview of this gig than we can fit here, check out this pdf:

We find the actual keywords that matter for your website — manually chosen — based in part on your ability to actually compete for them. Anyone can find terms related to what you do — but are they the ones people really search for, and more importantly can you rank for them?

We pull and score 400 keywords from your site and competitor’s sites – then pick the best ones from those for each page.

Then we dig even deeper, finding 30 topically relevant sub-keywords for each primary keyword.

From that, we build a topical content outline for your page that you can use to write an article ready to rank.

Or you can grab an extra on the gig and have us write 1000 words per page for $50/page.

keywords -Exceptional service, vetted by our team

 -We verify each of our Pro sellers to make sure they put all their talent, expertise, and passion into your project, and that you get what you expected and beyond.

As a Pro customer, you get 24/7 VIP support and 1h response time for any query for 100% satisfaction.

  • From the United States
  • Member since Jan 2015
  • Avg. response time7 hours
  • Last delivery4 days
keywords -We’re an agency of 23 and have been building digital marketing projects and websites since 2011. Our home base is the United States, but we serve clients all over the world. Heaviside has three internal production teams – digital marketing services, search engine optimization, and website design and dev.


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