How to Make Money Fast, Ghost Writing Articles

Make Money Fast-Whenever making money from article writing is discussed, the first way that everyone thinks about is ghostwriting.

This means writing articles for other people that they can use however they want and even put their own name to them as the author.

Make Money Fast

Ghostwriters only get paid once for each article they write, but because there is a constant demand for article writers, it’s possible to earn a good living this way.

Make Money Fast

Make Money Fast-But as you can imagine, in this profession, time really is money because you need to produce as many articles as possible in the shortest time possible. If you can only write one article an hour, you won’t earn as much money as someone who can write 3 or 4 articles an hour, if you get paid the same amount per article.

Clients looking for article writers usually only want short articles on a fast turn around and they don’t want to pay a lot for them. This is why you need to be able to write articles quickly.

Make Money Fast

Make Money Fast-Ideally, you need to aim at completing an article, from research to proofreading, in 15 minutes flat. This means you can produce 4 completed articles every hour.

If you write full-time, this can produce quite a good income and as you continue to work, your process of writing will become easier and faster and you may end up writing as many as 7 or 8 articles an hour.

Make Money Fast-I have found that I can take one article idea and write it out 7 different ways which has really speeded up my article writing output because I spend less time researching because I only have to do it once to produce 7 articles.

But when you first begin, 15 minutes isn’t long to write an article, so you need to practice.

But within a week you’ll find it easy to write 4 articles an hour, including the research and proofreading.

Make Money Fast-To do that, you need to be focused and only allow a minute or 2 for research and proofreading, and no more than 10 minutes for writing.

Time is money so you don’t have time to procrastinate or criticize your own writing. Working to such tight time restrictions can really help with that because it leaves you no time to do anything except what you’re supposed to be doing.

And if you’re producing 4 articles an hour, working 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, that’s 100 articles a week.

Make Money Fast- Which makes it easy to see how writing faster can help to increase your income from ghostwriting articles.

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