Art Photography: Capture Beautiful Artwork


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Course Description

  • play 11 Videos
  • time 1.4 Hours

Art Photography: If you want to capture breathtaking photos of your artwork to dramatically elevate your social media, website, or online presence, then this course is for you! Learn with me as I photograph several original illustrations by up-and-coming digital illustrator, Charly Clements. I will walk you through each step of my creative process from start to finish, allowing you to study my very own workflow that I have developed to create top-rating images.

You will learn about shooting indoors and outside as I demonstrate how to display your art in the best light possible. I’ll be shooting with my iPhone and my professional DSLR so as long as you have a smartphone and some genuine enthusiasm, you can follow along! By the end of the course, you will know everything you need to transform the way you photograph your art. Whether your goal is to boost your print sales or see your work go viral on social media, this course will give you the skills and inspiration you need to enhance and refine your art photography.

Art Photography

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction


Chapter 2: The Basics

  • 3. Camera and Phone Settings (6:07)
  • 4. Anatomy of a good photo of art (10:42)
  • 5. Example images – A breakdown (8:18)
  • 6. Inspiration (3:28)
  • 2: Quiz


Chapter 3: Shooting

  • 7. Shooting in the studio (15:24)
  • 8. Shooting Outside (5:14)
  • 3: Quiz


Chapter 4: Editing

  • 9. Basic Edits and Making Mockups in Photoshop (20:05)
  • 10. Smartphone Editing (4:46)
  • 4: Quiz


Chapter 5: Conclusion

  • 11. Conclusion (1:58)


Final Quiz

  • Final Quiz


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