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This section of the Affiliate Tools is dedicated to the websites that can be used to help you in your quest to becoming a great affiliate marketer.



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These websites offer these services, most free of charge, to help enhance the way do business online. From our keywords we use to checking out the competition, these websites provide us what we need to reach that next level and to take steps above being the average affiliate marketer.

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Keyword and SEO Tools -Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing -WordTracker Keyword Tool – Great Keyword tool by Word Tracker

Nichebot’s Keyword Service – Carries a keyword service that also finds potential in the long-tailed keywords that most keyword advertisers tend to overlook.

A Great Typo Query – This site allows you to type in your keyword and then it finds the many typos tying into your keyword.Affiliate Marketing

Gather Success Tools- This site offers free tools to help with SEO including keyword density checker, keyword suggestion tools, a visual page rank tool, and much more!

Google Trends – This tool tells you some of the hottest keyword trends going on right now when people use Google to search. Submit Corner – Another keyword tool website that also carries a thesaurus, allowing you to find synonyms for your keywords

Affiliate Marketing

KWBrowse – a great keyword site that’s a little different from the other keyword sites out there…check it out!

Google Keyword tool – Google’s Keyword tool, many use this to find their Niche in affiliate marketing.

Google Keyword Sets – Google Sets allows you to put in random keywords and it finds keywords that match their group in some way.

Advertising and Affiliate Marketing 


Sell your ad space – For those of you who have a website up and running, this site is pretty awesome! Ethology allows you to sell the ad space on your site, which generates your profit in the process! It’s free to sign up and register for their site. They also specialize in buying and selling traffic, Because They offer many other items but it’s selling your ad space that we like about this site!

Affiliate Marketing

Free Marketing Tools- Mike offers awesome tools when it comes to Google AdWords and internet marketing in general. We still refer to this site often as he carries many free tools such as AdWords Wrapper, Link Popularity Checker, Marketing Forum Watch, and many others!

Ad Designer – An awesome site that helps you make free professional advertisement banners.

Headline Analyzer- An free awesome site that analyzes the emotional impact from your headline, However, you can create headlines with the results you’re looking for.

Movie Sound Clips – This site offers free various sound clips to some of your favorite movies. This is added to our tools list for those who are looking to make movies and want to use some catchphrases from some of your favorite movie and TV characters.


Affiliate Marketing

Ping your website – This site allows you to ping your blogs and RSS.

WebpageBuilding- Affiliate Marketing 

Tiny URL’s- This site is very useful for those who have a 15,000 letter URL and want to make it shorter. It’s a free tool that shortens that URL into something easy and simple!

Convert Text into HTML – An awesome free tool that covers text you write into HTML.

Misc. Tools Affiliate Marketing This site is a website analyzer that may be a step or two up above Alexa. Why? Well, it gives you the Alexa rank for one, as well as when the site was created, its Google page rank, the number of inbound links, the Domain name IP report, how much your site is and each link is worth and much more. Use this tool to see how your site is doing, check competition, or see if a site that’s being sold truly measures up to the hype.

I hope you enjoyed some of the tools mentioned here. Look forward to more articles to come!

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